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Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Part 4
-(?? : ??) Year xxxx-
(y/n) opens his eyes and find himself in a snowy forest. The snow hits his face through the leaves.
(y/n) : where... am i?
The boy sits and look around. He sees a cabin that looked like his home.
(y/n) : is that... my house?
The boy stands up and walks to the log cabin. He stands in front of the door and twist the knob slowly while pushing the door.
(y/n) : this...
His eyes widen as he sees a certain red haired girl siting on the sofa.
Girl : hey (y/n)! Can you read me a story?
The girl is holding out a book that have a hero and a princess in the cover.
(y/n) : S...Scarlet?
The girl smiles and tilt her head to the side.
Scarlet : yes big bro?
(y/n) : ... *smile* aren't you tired of reading the same book over and over again.
Scarlet : i'm never going to be sick of it!!!
(y/n) : o really?
Scarlet : but...
The girl puts the book down and her smile turned into frown.
(y/n) : hmmm?
Scarlet : i'm sick of you
(y/n) : w-what...?
Scarlet : how could you let me die?
(y/n) :
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Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 4
She took my hand and drag me away.
(y/n) : Kurumi?!
Kurumi : since we're dating we should hold hands!
(y/n) : i-... ummm *smile* alright
I walked beside her holding her hands. She looked happy although for a moment there her face was suprised. Aside from that my face is totally blushing, we're actually dating and on top of that we're holding hands!
Kurumi : you seems to be well
(y/n) : hmm? What do you mean?
Kurumi : oh my... did you already forget?
(y/n) : about what?
Kurumi : my heart flutters you know, you... jumped in front of me~ protecting me~ like a hero that in the books~
(y/n) : oh! About that, yeah since i have regenerating power it wasn't a big deal
Kurumi : is that so....
She fell silent for a moment then stop walking. She looks at my eyes directly. My heart beats faster as her orbs met mine.
Kurumi : so where do we want to go first?
Oh that what she meant... but I didn't knew where to go, i date her so suddenly which means i haven't think about our dating plan. But luckly
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Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 3
All went black... as night sky without stars. Why did i jump out to protect her?... i have no idea why.
Am i dead? i think to myself while my body wrapped by the darkness and feels like i'm falling without an end. I close my eyes in this already dark place.
Then a voice rings out.
I opened my eyes and found myself standing on a green field. In front of me there's a girl standing. My eyes widen as soon as i recognize the voice owner is.
(y/n) : Kurumi?
I dashed towards her and hug her tightly
(y/n) : i'm glad that you're okay...
She just grin then giggle.
Kurumi : kukuku... how's the feeling of being used (y/n)?
(y/n) : how many times do i have to say it?! i don't care if i'm being used... as long that it's you i don't mind
Kurumi : kukuku... you're really are stupid...but i didn't hate it... i would like to see more of your stupidity but this is our farewell
(y/n) : huh?
Kurumu : goodbye (y/n)...
She disappear in my hug. Making my hands shiver.
(y/n) :!!
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Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 2
It's morning, like usual i go to school. But this time on my face there's no frown to be found, when someone look at my face what they'll only see is a smile.
I enter the class and sit on my chair that's located on the corner of the class. I open the window and let wind brush my hair like usual. After that miracle meeting with Kurumi, i feel at ease. It feels like i have no more to be envious of, not feeling isolated anymore. I know thaf it's only once and probably will never happen again. But still i feel happy and my sanity seems to be recovering.
Suddenly i feel chill down to my spine, i turn around and saw Origami staring at me intensly. There was no one else in the class beside me and her. For some reason me and her was always the first one to arrive in the class. I have to come to school early because my apartament is pretty far from school plus i don't want everyone staring at me when i enter the class. But i don't know her reason to be here so early, so i assumed that her house
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Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 1
Let me introduce myself, my name is (y/n) (l/n). I'm a sophomore at Raizen Highschool. My class is 2-4. It's a nice class, everyone is happy everyday. Though it would be better if i'm actually in it. I am a part of the class but it seems that i'm always out of the picture. I have no friend or someone to accompany me, even the teacher ignoring me. It's not like they hated me from the first time they see me, they don't even hate me it's just because of something. Everyone tried at least once to talk to me before they realize their mistake. Anyone who talk to me will suffer DEATH. Well... they will not really be dead. But they will feel like dying. Their heart feels like it stopped, chills runs down to their spine, and it will be hard for them to breathe. That's what i heard, because i never know how it feels like.
I don't know what cause it but it's not a new thing for me. I'm a loner since i was a child. Nobody wants to talk to me befriend with me or play with me.
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Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Part 3
-Monday, xx-xx-xxxx 7:00 AM-
(y/n) : *hoam* first day at Beacon.... *smile* alright! I'm so excited!!
The boy jumped out  of his sleeping bag and rush to the bathroom. He opened the door and takes off his clothes.
Suddenly someone screamed and this makes the boy suprised. He look beside him, there's a white haired beauty wearing a towel that blush like a red tomato.
(y/n) : h-he-hey...
The boy wave at her nervously while shaking.
Weiss : you....
The heiress now is covered by dark aura.
(y/n) : w-wait... this is just a big misunderstan- blargh!!!
Weiss : PERVERT!!!
The boy knocked out of the bathroom with a devastating punch. Making the boy unconscious. The loud sound wake everyone up.
Ruby : uuuuhhhh.... what happend?
Yang : *hoam* (y/n)...? Why are you on the floor?... wait... he's unconscious.
Blake : .... *look at Weiss who is blushing and mumbling in the corner*
The faunus girl point her finger to the heiress. Everyone look at Weiss
Blake : he probably sh
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Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Part 2
Lot of typos and grammar errors ahead.... proceed with extreme caution.
(y/n) : where is she?
The (h/c) haired boy walk around the campus in order to find the white haired heiress.
(y/n) : They said i should talk to her... but i think it would make it worst.
The boy stop in the middle of the hallway with no one there, he pulls out his scroll and look at the time.
-Sun, 09:30 xx-xx-xxxx-
(y/n) : sunday...huh? *sigh* no wonder is so empty in here...
The boy leans on a wall and takes a deep breath.
(y/n) : oh yeah... tommorow is... i should bring flower... but now!! I must find her and tell her that i'm capable of being in team RWBY!
The boy continue to search for the girl
Weiss is leaning into a fence in the top of the dorm.
Weiss : *sigh* what should i do...?
Weiss scratch her hair violently.
"Something's in your mind Ms. Schnee?"
The sudden voice makes her turns back and see Ozpin with his mug.
Weiss : Prof. Ozpin!
Ozpin : thinking about (y/n)?
Weiss : ....*sigh* y
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Regret (M!Reader x IA)
A girl runs down the street in dark of the night. Her eyes are streaming down tears, who can blame her? The person she loves rejected her.
IA : why? Why? Why?!
The girl trip down and fell. Her face is covered by dust but then she stand up and continue running.
IA : this is the worst birthday ever!
She then realize that her knees is bleeding, she stopped because the pain that suddenly attacked her knee. Fortunately the girl is on a playground for kids. It's empty and no one are there, the girl sits on a swing.
IA : . . . .
She graps the chain of the swing harder. She remembers what just happend.
It was a lovely night, it's her birthday. She went on a date with a boy. His name is IO, they're a couple for a while. But that night IO decided to dump her and go out with another girl.
It was heartbreaking moment for her. But what makes her even more desprate is... because she just abandoned a person that loves her so much.
IA : (y/n)... i'm sorry... *sob* i'm sorry...
The person is (y/n) (l/n
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Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Part 1
Bad stories, Bad Grammar, And Typos warning... you have been warned.... and read the prologue first if you haven't
Enjoy this part ^^
A certain boy enter the room where the ceremony is held. As he open the door, he realized that no one is there expect Ozpin siting on a chair at the podium.
(y/n) : *sweatdropped* what a crowd.
Ozpin : suprised? Well you should be. You're late by a few months than the other.
He looked around him and laugh nervously.
(y/n) : yeah....
Ozpin : you're going to take a test... but before that, i need to introduce you to your new instructors.
(y/n) : hmm... who is my instructor?
Ozpin : Instructors mr.(l/n)
(y/n) : wait... there's more than one?
Ozpin : you heard me *sip*
(y/n) : so... where are they?
Ozpin : hmmm *sip* wait a second....
Suddenly a loud footsteps can be heard, the owners sounded like they're running
??? : Come on!! We're going to be late!
??? : Then why don't you use your semblance you dork?!
The sound of the door
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Help Me. . . by MrGaLcO Help Me. . . :iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 8 8 Do You Like Flower? by MrGaLcO Do You Like Flower? :iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 12 5
Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Prologue
The prologue of an upcoming story.
•~• enjoy
-??? P.O.V-
Thoose things keep on chasing us, i ran as fast as i can with my little sister Scarlet, through this snowing forest.
The groaning sound of thoose creature can be heard through the entire forest. My sister looked so scared her red eyes are streaming down tears. I can't blame her because i was scared too. Thoose things just break down to our house during christmas eve, and they ate our parents in front of our eyes. Who wouldn't be scared?
I grited my teeth and raised my speed while holding Scarlet's hand.
I looked back and saw a pack of black wolves are chasing us, their red eyes and white bones makes me shiver.
Scarlet : Aaaggh!!
I heard Scarlet screaming so i turned to her. She fell down with an injured knee. I looked at the wolves again, they're still chasing us. So i grab her and put her on my back then continue running.
We reached an open space but i do
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Yourtale Ch3
-The Waterfall-
You walk foward while Chara is following you from behind.
{So... mind telling me what just happend?}
You keep on walking and smile. You tell her that you don't know what just happend. You tell her it was just instict.
{Still... thanks for protecting me...}
Chara said that while turning her face to the side. You just smile and tell her it's no big deal.
{Well if you say so...}
The ghost that has been following you for a while went silent as you two walk through the waterfall.
The scenery is quite beautiful and it also makes you feel calm. You ask Chara who lived here.
{Who lived here in the waterfall. Well there are many monsters that lived in the waterfall}
You arrived at strange place that have black dirt with blue glowing grass as the terrain.
{Like one of my friend, The head of the royal guard}
Royal guard? You asked her what is it.
{Well... the royal guard is the people who protect the under
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Unseeing Love (M!Reader x Suguha/Leafa) End
Hey guys just a quick notice, this is kinda long and lot of typos, and the plot is weird but enjoy!
-Alfheim Online New Dungeon-
A group of players surround an angry Minotaur.
Kirito : heh, this boss is tougher than i thought.
Kirito leap back dodging the monster smash
Klein : you can say that again! Woah!!!
Klein was almost hit by a gigantic axe, fortunately he able to crouch before the axe made contact with his neck.
Asuna : Leefa can you switch with Kirito? His health bar is dropping low.
Leefa : count on me, Come on Silica! Lizbeth!
Silica/Lizbeth : okay!
the three rush to the giant axe-wielding minotaur.
Leefa : Kirito! SWITCH!!
Kirito : alright!
Kirito and Klein leap back to give the three some space. Then Leefa charge at the boss with her wings in high speed. Using her sword skill, she slash the minotaur face a bit and she able to do some damage to the thick HP boss.
Leefa : alright! I penetrate some of it's defense!
Lizbeth : okay now's my turn!!
:iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 26 17
Raven Owl (RWBY OC) by MrGaLcO Raven Owl (RWBY OC) :iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 4 14
Yourtale Ch2
-Snowdin Forest-
You walked out of the ruins. The wind blows, this makes you feeling cold. and it seems Chara is feeling the cold as well.
{Ugh... i hate this place, let's go to the town}
You nod and walk with her. You start to look around you. The trees, bushes, and grounds seems to be covered by snow and abandoned. You finally arrived at a bridge, but it's broken.
{Huh... weird, it was still in one piece when the last time they come in}
You examine the bridge some more and the bars catch your attention. It's so wide, is this bar was built to stop something?. You didn't knew.
{Hmmm it seems we have to take a long turn}
You asked Chara how long is it.
{Uuuhhh... about 2-4 days?}
You sweatdrop, it seems taking a long turn is not an option. You walk to the broken bridge and stare into the gasp. It's so deep and it seems like it's staring back at you. You think of an idea.
{Well... if you're not taking the long way, the only way is to jump hehehe}
She giggles as she made a little joke. Bu
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Ruby Rose x M!Reader Chapter 2
        "Hey, (Y/N)!" the boy heard from across the room. He turned and saw Ruby waving to and walking toward him. She wore a black tank top with a heart on it, and white pajama pants with roses. (Y/N) himself was just wearing a (F/C) t-shirt and black pajama pants, though he was halfway in his sleeping bag, so they were hardly visible. The boy waved back and sat up, facing Ruby.
        "Hey, Ruby. How was your first day?" (Y/N) asked. His own first day at Beacon was rather uneventful. He didn't meet anyone new after he disembarked from the ship, as he mostly stuck with Jaune, and immediately after Professor Ozpin's speech, he, along with most people, got ready to sleep.
        "Well, it was...interesting. I definitely met some new people." She responded, glancing at a white haired girl trying to sleep not far from us. "How about yours?"
        "Eh. Unremarkable." (Y/N) shrugged.
:iconbobaccountemps1:Bobaccountemps1 17 4
Ruby Rose x M!Reader Chapter 1
 As (Y/N) boarded the ship that would take him to Beacon Academy, he took one last look at his family and friends who he likely wouldn't see for a very long time. His father wiped the tears out of his eyes and smiled at his dear son, saying nothing but meaning everything. His (H/C) hair was slightly disheveled, a result of getting up at 3:00 AM to see his son off. In contrast, (Y/N)'s mother, in contrast, stood straight, her perfect bright blue locks cascading down her back. Her face wore no smile, but no hostility either: this is what she expected, so she experienced little to no sadness in seeing her son chase his dream. She held her husband's hand, attempting to subtly comfort him without making it obvious to their son. Beside them were assorted relatives and friends, most simply waving to (Y/N) as he began the long journey to Beacon.
        (Y/N) waved back before turning around and entering the interior of the ship. As he did so, he glanced at a
:iconbobaccountemps1:Bobaccountemps1 22 7
Little Triple ( Kanna x Male!Child!Reader x Riko )

Okay! I have some good stuff for ya! At least I hope I do xD I thought about making Kanna's story but then there was also Riko so... yeah... ENJOY!
( Reader P.o.V )

I sat in my place near my only friend Riko Saikawa. It's not like I hate others or something, it's just... I'm extremely shy when it comes to interaction with other people. I often stutter or hide behind someone or something. I look down as to not have a direct eye-to-eye contact as it makes me feel embarrassed. I befriended Riko mostly because she have a high view of herself and most of others kids just ignore her. I however don't mind her as she was the one to start talking to me and try to not do anything to make me feel uncomfortable.
Today, however, I didn't even get to start playing with Riko as a new girl came in and stood next to a teacher. She have white-lavender hair, blue eyes and is very, very cute... I glanced at her and when she looked back at m
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 55 30
IA x Male Reader

[I do not Own the image above]
*2nd Person's POV*
You were hanging out with Miku, Luka and the Kagamine twins, they are part of one of the most famous singing group Vocaloid while you are a member of another group called (band Name) your band is as famous as the Vocaloid
Miku: so [y/n]-kun, what are you gonna sing at the festival?
[y/n]: hm... I don't know, we're gonna have a meeting later to see what are we gonna sing
???: hey guys!!!
You all look to the side and saw another member of the Vocaloid named IA, she has one of the most beautiful voice in their group to your opinion
Len, Rin: hey IA-san!!
Luka: hi IA-chan
Miku: hey!!
[y/n]: hey IA
IA: hey, can I ask you something [y/n]?
[y/n]: hm?
IA: um... uh.. w-would you like too-
She was interrupted Rose coming towards you
Rose: hey [y/n]!!!
You both look at her, what you didn't notice is that IA looked at the ground and mumble something you couldn't hear
[y/n]: Rose, what's the matter?
:icond-angel21:d-angel21 19 2
Mature content
In My Heart (Qrow X Adopted Son Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 35 61
Noctis .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Noctis .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,594 236 Draw your OTP (Pocky) #1 by cookiejo1 Draw your OTP (Pocky) #1 :iconcookiejo1:cookiejo1 39 1 Hoods by Reganov Hoods :iconreganov:Reganov 809 57 Requested Base 1 by KoolAid-Bases Requested Base 1 :iconkoolaid-bases:KoolAid-Bases 1,436 111 Draw The Squad by noonlite Draw The Squad :iconnoonlite:noonlite 1,749 84 :: Sai Base 52 - Pixel Base in Description! :: by CherryCupcakePixels :: Sai Base 52 - Pixel Base in Description! :: :iconcherrycupcakepixels:CherryCupcakePixels 376 45 Draw the squad by Mugges Draw the squad :iconmugges:Mugges 2,005 124 Face Shading by ManiacPaint Face Shading :iconmaniacpaint:ManiacPaint 214 10 +EARS+ by jinx-star +EARS+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 4,792 94 Manga Eye Steps n' Reference by M00NBRUSH Manga Eye Steps n' Reference :iconm00nbrush:M00NBRUSH 280 10 Figure drawing studies - poses by WMDiscovery93 Figure drawing studies - poses :iconwmdiscovery93:WMDiscovery93 3,764 74



F*ck i want to make persona fanfic so bad.....

It's just like.... you know...


Like persona awakening :

"I am Thou.... Thou art I.... From the sea of thy soul i come.... I am Amaterasu... the goddess of Sun"

And when fighting the final boss

"Hehehehe.... don't you know? I am Igor's favorite Guest!"


But it's so long that i didn't want to write it -_-
-(?? : ??) Year xxxx-

(y/n) opens his eyes and find himself in a snowy forest. The snow hits his face through the leaves.

(y/n) : where... am i?

The boy sits and look around. He sees a cabin that looked like his home.

(y/n) : is that... my house?

The boy stands up and walks to the log cabin. He stands in front of the door and twist the knob slowly while pushing the door.

(y/n) : this...

His eyes widen as he sees a certain red haired girl siting on the sofa.

Girl : hey (y/n)! Can you read me a story?

The girl is holding out a book that have a hero and a princess in the cover.

(y/n) : S...Scarlet?

The girl smiles and tilt her head to the side.

Scarlet : yes big bro?

(y/n) : ... *smile* aren't you tired of reading the same book over and over again.

Scarlet : i'm never going to be sick of it!!!

(y/n) : o really?

Scarlet : but...

The girl puts the book down and her smile turned into frown.

(y/n) : hmmm?

Scarlet : i'm sick of you

(y/n) : w-what...?

Scarlet : how could you let me die?

(y/n) : t-that's

Scarlet : and why do you live so peacefuly when you know you're the cause of my death?!

(y/n) : I...I...


The cabin turned into darkness that slowly crawling to (y/n)'s body.

Scarlet : DIE (Y/N)!!!!


(y/n) : AAAAAHHH!!! *pant* *pant*

The boy look around and notice that everyone at the room is staring at him

Weiss : are you alright?

(y/n) looks at his hands which are shaking.

(y/n) : i think i have a nightmare

Ruby : what kinds of nightmare?

(y/n) : .....

The boy cover his face with his hands while trembling. Everyone start to worry

Yang : you didn't have to tell us if you didn't want to...

(y/n) : it's about....

Everyone get closer

(y/n) : i saw Weiss...

Weiss : me?

(y/n) : BECAME A MAN!!!!


The four face palmed

Weiss : i have no time for this nonsense!! We have to get going soon!

(y/n) : right right... sorry, it's just i can't believe i saw you became a man with eight pack... eight!! Eight!!!

Weiss : *blush* what do you think I AM?!!! Hmph!!

She leaves.

Ruby : well i gotta calm her down. Weiss wait!!

Ruby chase her.

Yang : *sigh* well since you are the last one to wake up, you better start to prepare. You do want to watch the tournament right?

(y/n) : yeah, but if i'm not there then don't bother to search for me. Because i want to see Ozpin first and if i didn't make it in time i'll be watching you from his room

Yang : alright then i'll tell Weiss and Rubes

Blake : don't forget to lock the door

(y/n) : yes, good luck you four! *wave*

The two leaves. The boy then put his hand down and suddenly snap because of his nightmare. He cover his face with his hand which are shaking again.

(y/n) : it's just a dream.... it's just a dream....

The boy takes a deep breath, then he calmed down.

(y/n) : Scarlet. . . .

He slaps his cheek with his both hand to focus.

(y/n) : right, i have to meet Ozpin first and take my weapon

The boy then prepare himself to see Ozpin


~Ozpin's Room~

The boy enter the clockwork themed room. There he see his father and his mother, well it's only his one sided assuming. But in reality there are Glynda and Ozpin talking to each other before they notice him.

Ozpin : ah (y/n), came for what you asked for?

(y/n) : yeah, is it done?

Ozpin : yes it is

He motion to Glynda to give something to him. The blonde teacher nod and gives him a box.

Glynda : The Daggers

The boy opens the box and saw four set of daggers they have blue, white, red, and black blade and (f/c) handle. The blue one has a winged snake carving on it's cheek and it's longer than the other. The red one has bird craving and has glowing edge. The white one has a wolf carving and has a thin blade. The black one has a three headed dog craving and the blade is shaper like a sickle with chain connected into the handle.

Glynda : these Daggers are crafted by rare materials. You're not asking for a easy favor

(y/n) : hahaha yes i know, that's why i asked for it. My very own unique dagger that respone to my sembelance

Ozpin : well there you have it, but it's kinda cheating for a teacher to give their student a boost so i'm going to give it a charge

(y/n) : what?! Come on... you know i don't have any money, you should know that because you're the one who gives me allowance!

Ozpin : no i'm not asking you to pay it... but i'm asking a favor in return

(y/n) : what is it?

Ozpin : do your best, show them what you got *sip*

(y/n) : got it dad- uh... i mean Professor! I better get going now

Ozpin : ah yes, you want to watch your team fight?

(y/n) : yes i bet they're going to win! And then my turn to show my skill

Ozpin : *chuckle* yes, but don't overdo it

(y/n) : alright, bye now

The boy leaves the room, Ozpin and Glynda wacthed him leave. The headmaster sips his coffee or whatever it is inside the mug. Then Glynda smiles to him a little and turn to the glass wall behind her gazing at the students bellow.

Glynda : he calls you dad

Ozpin : *chuckle* yes, he's probably thinking you're his mother too since he's like a son to you right?

Glynda : that boy has grown up a lot, i still remember when i teach him how to iron his clothes... *giggle* and he still don't iron his clothes.

Ozpin : yes, he's a different person from he was before, when i found him in that forest *sip* in the middle of grimm corpses

Glynda : he indeed has a very powerful sembelance

Ozpin : but a risky one *chuckle* if he's a girl, he's going to be a great fall maiden

Glynda : *giggle* yeah, but why he need the power of maiden if his sembelance alone can win a war?

Ozpin : yeah *sip*


A certain (h/c) haired boy walk towards the stadium, looking at the daggers he just recieved.

(y/n) : *smile* finally i have my own unique weapon.... i really are envious when Ruby boast about Crescent Rose on my face.

Suddenly a person appear and block (y/n)'s way.

(y/n) : ummm... who are you?

The person has red hair and wearing a mask that looks like a grimm skull, but one thing that catch (y/n)'s eyes are his horns.

??? : then be on your way, i'm just passing by. Don't mind faunus like me

(y/n) : ummm... okay

The boy continue walking to his destination. But when he get past the man...

??? : you better watch your back

The boy startled and turned back just to see the man disappeared.

(y/n) : ... what?

Speaker : Next is Team RWBY vs Team ABRN!!!

(y/n) : oh sh*t i'm late!!

The boy run to the colleseum.

-Meanwhile In The Arena-

Ruby : you guys ready?

Yang : *crack her finger* let's do this!

Blake : *unsheathe Gambol Shroud*

Meanwhile Weiss just looked at an empty seat beside JNPR team.

Weiss : he didn't come

Yang : i told you, he has something to do with Ozpin

Weiss : yes... but still...

Yang : awww... did you miss him?

Weiss : *blush* no i'm not

Blake : look there's (y/n)!

Weiss : huh?!

Weiss turned but there's no one there

Weiss : hahaha very funny Blake

Ruby : you're looking at the wrong way... he is there

The red caped girl point the boy who panting and swrating on the entrance of the stadium. He then scream from his bottom of his lungs.

(y/n) : Ruby!!! Yang!!! Blake!!! WEISS!!!! Goooddd Luuuuckk!!!

Seeing this everyone around him looks at him and smile then cheers for team RWBY too.

Weiss : *smile* that idiot.... well let's do this!

[Battle Start]


The boy runs and hug the four in a group hug.

Weiss : *blush* h-hey!

(y/n) : congrats on winning!!

The boy let go.

(y/n) : let's celebrate it!

Blake : isn't it too soon? We haven't won yet

(y/n) : don't worry... after this is my and Weiss' turn right?

Ruby : yeah so?

(y/n) : then we're gonna win because.... *shows his dagger* i got this!!!

The boy shows his four unique dagger with sparkling eyes. Ruby who is a Weapon Dork suprised and examine the weapon.

Ruby : woah!!! Cool!!!

(y/n) : of course it is! It's my own weapon!

Blake : so that what you're doing on Ozpin office... but isn't it like you know... cheating? Teacher giving his student a boost?

(y/n) : yes i thought so too, but i bought it from Ozpin not recieving a boost from teacher.

Weiss : that daggers look like it cost a lot, how do you pay it?

(y/n) : simple... i must do my best at the tournament *smirk*

Weiss : what kind of payment is that? *facepalm* well... *smile* let's do our best

(y/n) : of course!


Ruby : everyone else feel starving?

Blake : well i can work on a appetite


(y/n) : huh... i guess i'm starving too

Weiss : geez if only there's somewhere we can get food around here... oh wait...

Ruby : don't worry Weiss i forgot about the fairgrounds too

(y/n) : well where do we want to eat?

Yang : come on, i know just the place

The blonde leads the team. Then suddenly the heiress got the call from her father, she ignore it and continue.

(y/n) : who was that?

Weiss : uh... is my father

(y/n) : why didn't you pick up?

Weiss : it's a long story, i ran away from home to study at Beacon so my realtionship with my father is bad

(y/n) : ah i understand

??? : it's hard to eat without these

The gang turn back and saw a girl holding Ruby's pocket

Ruby : uh oh ah! *panic*

??? : heheh good to see you Ruby

Ruby : oh thanks Emerald! I guess i've dropped it... ugh... girl pocket are the worst

Yang : what's up Em?

Emerald : just dropping by after watching your fight, you guys are amazing

Ruby : ah stop it *blush* *murmur*

(y/n) : who's she?

Ruby : oh! You guys haven't met! (y/n) meet Emerald!

(y/n) : nice to meet you Emerald, i'm..

Emerald : (y/n) (l/n) right? The newest member of team RWBY, the news spread faster than light these days

(y/n) : haha... i don't know i'm that popular... *scratch hair*

Blake : i heard your team progress to the next round

Weiss : come to think of it, we've never seen any of your teamate

Yang : how'd they do?

Emerald : they're doing... just fine

Ruby : we're having lunch wanna join?

Emerald : oh that's nice of you but my teamate is kinda....

The six looks at Mercury who's sniffing shoes

Emerald : socially akward...

Weiss : reasonable

Yang : uh huh

Blake : *nod* yeah

Ruby : okay

(y/n) : why is he sniffing shoes?

Emerald : so yeah, it seems me and Merc are gonna go to the doubles round, how about you guys

Ruby : well as the leader i think hard about it and...

Weiss : we put it on a vote

Ruby : ah yes yes.. but as the leader i suggest that we put it on a vote

Blake : it's (y/n) and Weiss

Weiss : i happily represent team RWBY

(y/n) : i will win it for *looks at Weiss*

Weiss : *blush*

(y/n) : *turn to Emerald* reasons

Emerald : *chuckle* well if we see you guys down the line, don't think we'll go easy on you

(y/n) : of course it will be more intresting that way

Emerald : bye now

She leaves

Yang : *raising eyebrow in a teasing way* so... what is this reasons?

Weiss : *blush even redder*

(y/n) : reasons....

Weiss : oh come on! Weren't we going to eat?


Mercury : so how's this new friend?

Emerald : i hate them... it just... how can they be happy all the time?

Mercury : did you at least got what we need?

Emerald : it's the boy and heiress

Mercury : at least now we know who are we working with

Emerald : but remember to be cautious of the boy

Mercury : yeah yeah...


The five seats in one of the food court.

Yang : i have one of the regular please

The chef toss a big bowl of noodle to Yang.

Ruby : oohhh... i'll have the same

The chef toss it to Ruby

Weiss : do you have anything with low salt?

The chef toss it to Weiss

Weiss : ah! Umm.. okay

Then Blake just nod, the chef gies in the kitchen and make her a bowl of noodle full of fish. She drolls all over the place

(y/n) : umm... do you have a normal size?

The chef toss normal sized bowl to (y/n)

(y/n) : Perfect

Weiss handed the chef a card to pay

Yang : aww Weiss what's the occasion?

Weiss : consider it thanks for letting me shine

The chef throw the card on to the table and show that her card is declined

Weiss : what?! How can that be?

Blake tries to pull the bowl but the chef pull it back.

(y/n) : heh.. he reminds me of Prof. Oobleck

Pyrrha : maybe i can help

Ruby : Pyrrha!

Yang : awww you don't have to

Blake : but she could!

Pyrrha : mind if we join you? Think of it as a congrats

-Timeskip brought to you by 9 stuffed hunter-

(y/n) : glad i ordered the normal size

He looked at Weiss, Pyrrha, Jaune, and Ren

(y/n) : *nervous laugh*

"Team JNPR please report youself"

Pyrrha : well we better get going

Ruby : good luck you guys

(y/n) : we'll be cheering for you!

-Timeskip After Team Sun's Battle-

The Heiress run to somewhere while Ruby and (y/n) follow her behind.

Ruby : Weiss what is the big deal?! Who is it? Who is she?

Weiss : *smile* Winter...

(y/n) : what? My soon to be sister in law?

Weiss : *blush* wha-?! stop it!

She then rush to the ship while the two follow her behind

Weiss : Winter i'm so happy to see you! Oh i mean... your presence honor us

Winter : it's been a while i arrive at beacon, the air feel... different

Ruby : well since it's fall. It's probably colder

Weiss : *punches Ruby's shoulder*

The heiress continue to talk to her sister but gets scolded instead.

Winter : leave us

The atlas military walks back.

Winter : *sigh* how are you doing?

The heiress gets excited and boasting about her achivement but gets hit by her sister which make (y/n) laughs a little.

Winter : silence you boob! I'm not asking what you're thinking, i'm asking how're you doing? Did you eat properly? Did you pick on any hobbies? Did you make any friend?

Weiss : well there's (y/n) and Ruby

Ruby : hahaha... boob..

Winter : so this is the leader you wrote to appropietly... underwhelming

Ruby : umm... thanks?

Winter : and this *turns to (y/n)* must be the boy you tell me a lot about

(y/n) : greeting soon to be sister-in-law, i'm your Sister's boyfriend

Winter/Ruby : what?!

Weiss slapped him so hard that his face feels numb

Weiss : *blush* d-don't take it the wrong way!! i-i haven't accept you yet! Winter this is not what you think!

Ruby : since when you guys are dating?! Well congrats you two. By the way (y/n)... are you okay?

(y/n) : ai kant pil mah moth (i can't feel my mouth)

Winter : *groan* so you're (y/n) (l/n)... i see, you're as disgraceful as my sister tells me

(y/n) : what? I thought i meant special to you!

Weiss : *blush* s-shut up!

Winter : General told me about you too...

Ruby : General Ironwood?

Weiss : how come he knows about him?

Winter : he has a special relationship to Prof. Ozpin... didn't he told you, he is Ozpin's son

Weiss/Ruby : What?! His Son?!

(y/n) : correction, his step son. It's a little misleading when you say it like that

Weiss : how come you never told us?

(y/n) : you didn't ask

Winter : so, what rights do you have to call yourself my sister's boyfriend?

(y/n) : Weiss said that if i won the tournament i'm going to became his boyfriend so... yeah

Winter : what? You promised that?! *looks at Weiss*

Weiss : uh- um... He Confessed To Me! So i'm going to give him answer if he won the tournament

Winter : *sigh* why didn't you just reject him?

Weiss : *blush* it's...

Winter : *sigh* i want to scold you and ask why you choose him out of anybody else but i didn't have time to... i have a bussiness with your headmaster but it seems that i arrived early, i'm going to check your room to see if it meet my standards

Weiss : of course!

The two leaves, meanwhile (y/n) and Ruby being abandoned.

Ruby : they really are sisters

(y/n) : yeah, i could've mistaken them for each other. But being abandoned makes my heart aches.

Ruby : so what are we going to do now?

(y/n) : i dunno... wanna grab some ice cream?

Ruby : sure!

The two leaves to buy some ice cream.


Ruby : by the way, you named those daggers yet?

(y/n) : hmmm... come to think of it i haven't, but there's some weird craving on the daggers cheek.

The (h/c) haired shows the daggers to the girl.

(y/n) : see... weird craving.

The girl examine it but didn't seem to saw a craving

Ruby : what craving?

(y/n) : what? You didn't see it?

Ruby : no

(y/n) : hmmm maybe i'm the only one who can see it, it's my daggers after all

Ruby : pffft yeah right

*Clang! Clang!*

Ruby : what's that?

(y/n) : i dunno let's check it out

The two runs to the ruckus came from and saw Weiss.

(y/n) : what happend?!

Weiss : some crazy guy attacked my sister!

Ruby : what?! Who is that bad pers-*looks* woah!!! Uncle Qrow!!

Weiss/(y/n) : what?!

Ruby : kick her butt Uncle Qrow!!!

Weiss : uh... teach him some lesson sister!

(y/n) : wait you mean that Mr. Qrow?

The boy looks at the person.

(y/n) : woah!! It is him!!

Ruby : you know him?!

(y/n) : yes, you too?!

Ruby : he's my uncle!

(y/n) : what a coincidence he's my teacher!

The two nod to each other

(y/n)/Ruby : Go Mr/Uncle Qrow!!

Weiss : you know him too (y/n)?!

(y/n) : yes! I told you he's my teacher!

The battle ends because Irownwood and The others enterd the scene.

Glynda : everyone leave! We'll take care of this!

Everbody leaves. Then suddenly Ruby and (y/n) tackles the red caped man. Ruby hugs his right arm and (y/n) hugs his left arm

Ruby : Uncle Qrow!

(y/n) : Mr. Qrow!

Qrow : oh hey hey! Slow down kiddos

Ruby : do you miss me? Do you miss me?

(y/n) : it's been a long time! Do you remember me?

Qrow smirk to the two.

Qrow : nope to both

Then he drops the two and pat their heads.

Ozpin : Qrow, a word please...

Qrow : *whispers to the two* oh oh! I think i'm in a big trouble *looks at (y/n)* and i think your mom is very displeased

Ruby : well you kinda wreck the courtyard

(y/n) : hehehe prepare for the worst

Qrow : sure do *fist bump the two*

The man then leaves, both (y/n) and Ruby waves at him.

Weiss : and suddenly both of your action makes sense

Ruby : you just jealous that he kicked butt

Weiss : it was a draw at best

(y/n) : yeah yeah, by the way wanna join us Weiss? We're about to grab ice cream

Weiss : *sigh* alright but you pay for it

(y/n) : isn't it the other way around?

Weiss : you know my card is declined!

(y/n) : heheh sure my ice queen...

Weiss : *blush* *punch his shoulder* shut up!

-To Be Continued-

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Freezing Place (M!Reader x Weiss) Part 4
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Anyway, the next part will be Weiss and (y/n) vs OC and OC

OC 1 : Onyx Black
OC 2 : Gabriel Night

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If you know what i know, and i know what you know

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Me : i am handsome aren't i?

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She took my hand and drag me away.

(y/n) : Kurumi?!

Kurumi : since we're dating we should hold hands!

(y/n) : i-... ummm *smile* alright

I walked beside her holding her hands. She looked happy although for a moment there her face was suprised. Aside from that my face is totally blushing, we're actually dating and on top of that we're holding hands!

Kurumi : you seems to be well

(y/n) : hmm? What do you mean?

Kurumi : oh my... did you already forget?

(y/n) : about what?

Kurumi : my heart flutters you know, you... jumped in front of me~ protecting me~ like a hero that in the books~

(y/n) : oh! About that, yeah since i have regenerating power it wasn't a big deal

Kurumi : is that so....

She fell silent for a moment then stop walking. She looks at my eyes directly. My heart beats faster as her orbs met mine.

Kurumi : so where do we want to go first?

Oh that what she meant... but I didn't knew where to go, i date her so suddenly which means i haven't think about our dating plan. But luckly Kotori gave me communication ear piece, so i can leave it to her.

Kotori : alright everyone! We've done this before you know the roll Choose!

1. Aquarium 33%
2. Movie Theater 33%
3. Planetarium 33%
4. Love Hotel 1%

Kotori : so three are good huh? What do you think Reine

Reine : well Shido and Tohka is dating on aquarium and theatre is not far from them, so i guess the third chooice

Kotori : you hear her (y/n), planetarium it is. And to whoever making the fourth chooice, come to my office after this. We're going to have a "talk"


(y/n) : how about The Planetarium

Kotori : that sounds nice, i've always want to go there

We walk there while holding hands, her hand is soft and smooth. Thought it's not the first time she holds my hand. But still my heart flutters just by holding hand.

We entered the planetarium and buy tickets, we talked a few things that intrest us. It was fun, talking to her again, listening to her again. Without my notice my anxiety is gone. World around me starts to be more colorful, no more dark and gloomy days. It was all because of her.

We sit on the place and see the show that showing on the roof of planetarium. She seems excited for some reason, even though i didn't know if it was an act or not. She killed many people, she is dangerous, and she wants my power. I'm aware of those facts, but all i think is... is the way to make her happy from her heart. How can i do that? What should i do? Then i looked at her which looking the stars. She didn't smile, didn't make a noise, she just stare at it in deep thought like adoring something beautiful.

Kurumi : (y/n)... did you know about Orihime and Hikoboshi?

(y/n) : ah... yes i knew about it

Kurumi : it's once said that both of them can only met once in a year right?

(y/n) : well it was what i heard from my mom

Kurumi : Orihime is sky god princess and she married Hikoboshi, but she obligated her job and her father became very angry, he then separates the two by creating a river and they can only met once a year on Tanabata. But in order to cross the river Orihime needs to cross a bridge of magpies. But when it rains on Tanabata the magpies didn't come to make a bridge, so they have to wait until next year to see each other.

Hearing her story makes me think, a love that are separated by space. It's kinda sad, and Kurumi seems to looks sad too.

Kurumi : hey (y/n)....if it rains on Tanabata every year, and they won't able to see each other again... will they still love each other? Time can be cruel you know?... time can erase their sadness and their feeling for each other, and when that happens their love will disappear. will they.... forget about each other?

(y/n) : hmmm... time is cruel huh? Yeah maybe it is

Kurumi : yes, it just the matter of time until their feeling disappear

(y/n) : but maybe they won't forget each other

Kurumi : hmm? Why?

(y/n) : because can you truly forget about the person that you love? Even in a million year... even in an eternity... if you truly love that person you will not forget about that person no matter how much you try

Kurumi : but their feeling will be erased correct? And even if they remember each other... they only see each other as a person they once "loved"

(y/n) : Kurumi... there is no past tense for the word "love"

Kurumi : huh? Why's that?

(y/n) : there's no such thing as "loved" if their feeling disappear that mean they didn't love each other in the first place

Kurumi : but feeling can be erased by time, it is an inventible fact!

(y/n) : Kurumi.... love is a feeling that last for eternity.

She fell silent and looked a bit suprised.

(y/n) : no matter how much time has passed, their love will not disappear

Kurumi : how did you know that it's true?

(y/n) : i dunno... i just had that feeling

She blinked a few time and looked at me in confusion

(y/n) : then how about this.... they won't forget about each other because they already are together

Kurumi eyes widen

Kurumi : what do you mean?

(y/n) : well just think of it...did you really think that Hikoboshi will just stand there and do nothing? Will he just stand there and let his love became a captive?

Her face show her suprised face.

(y/n) : if Hikoboshi really loves her, i bet he already build a bridge to cross the river that separates them. Orihime's father would be touched by Hikoboshi's effort and let them be together forever. Because which dad that doesn't want to see her daughter happy?

Kurumi : what if he doesn't?

(y/n) : then it leads to another option!

Kurumi : huh?

(y/n) : they have to meet secretly!

She's speechless and just look at me in awe as i finish my story.

(y/n) : so the conclusion is... they will not forget about each other

She then looks away, then burst into laughter. Which making me jolted on my seat a little

Kurumi : hehehe... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're right!! Hahahha!

Her laugh is so loud that makes the other visitor looks at us.

(y/n) : K-Kurumi let's leave

Still laughing i grabbed her arms and drag her outside.


Kurumi : they will not forget each other because they already together in secret huh? Hehehe you're so funny!

(y/n) : can you cut it out, i feel bad because i edit history now

Kurumi : well at least you're making it better

(y/n) : *smiles*

Kurumi : where we going now?

(y/n) : hmmm how about we eat first?

I looked around and saw a crepe booth

(y/n) : want some crepes?

Kurumi : that sounds good

(y/n) : wait here i'll buy it for us

I proceed to approach the clerk and ask for two crepes.

Kotori : you just able to speak to another person a few hours ago and look who's being a smooth talker

(y/n) : *blush* s-shut up...

Kotori : it almost seems that you didn't need any help from us

(y/n) : i just speak to her normaly that's what i do

Kotori : but you still have to be careful, she's dangerous after all

I kept silent, i know she is dangerous but still... all i want to do is save her from blood spilling life and make her happy.

The clerk gave me the crepes and i payed him. Then i return to Kurumi but to my suprise she wasn't there.

(y/n) : Kurumi?

I looked around for clue and i saw footsteps that headed to the forest

Kotori : she seems to went into the forest you better find her

I then follow the trails and wonder why she suddenly disappear. Then i hear a meowing sound. I turned my head and saw a bunch of guys holding somekind of toy gun, i also notice that they're binding a cat and using it as target. They seems to be enjoying it because they laughed hysterically. I clenched my fist as my blood boil, without my notice the grass that i stand on start to wither. Is it because of my power? I shook my head to calm myself down.

Then i notice, Kurumi is peeping on them and have that eyes. Yes, that hollow empty eyes. I quickly rushed to her before she do what i'm afraid of... and by that i mean i'm afraid she'll kill them. I stand beside her and she notices my presence

Kurumi : (y/n)...?

(y/n) : ...whatever you're going to do... don't do it...

Kurumi : my... what do you think that i'll do? I'm just going to talk with them

(y/n) : Kurumi... you're not fooling anybody... i already see it in your face...

Kurumi : my face?

(y/n) : here hold this

I give her the crepes and i approach the delinquents. She just look at me, confused.

Kotori : (y/n)?! What are you doing?!

(y/n) : Giving... A... Lesson...

The deliquents notices me and ask what am i doing. But i didn't answer and just go straight for the cat then unbind it.


My blood boils... fun? This is fun? I pick the cat up while still crouching. One of them touch my shoulder.

Deliquent : hey! That's our target!

(y/n) : is it fun?

Deliquent : huh?

(y/n) : does torturing a helpless animal is FUN?!

Wind starts blowing from me and a black aura fills the air around me.

Deliquent : w-what happend?!

They're suprised and took a step back and the guy who touch my shoulder stumble backward. I turned my face to them.

(y/n) : Never... do this... again!!!

I give them a deathshot glare that is combined with my aura, resulting them to see an unpleasant sight.

Deliquent : a-a-a-a- AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

They scream in terror and run away. The aura around me starts to disappear. I get up, still holding the cat then i walk to Kurumi which is staring at me with wide eyes.

(y/n) : Look Kurumi! This cat is cute!

I stroke the cat head, it seems to be enjoying it.

(y/n) : wanna try petting it?

I swap the crepes on her hands with the cat, she's still dumbfounded. Then she looks at the cat and try to stroke it's head. The cat purr in happiness and snuggled in her embrace.

(y/n) : hehe... seems that it likes you

She smiles a little, but when i see it my heart beats faster. Her smile... maybe it seems unimportant and maybe it seems usual... but i know, her smile she's showing just now....

Is From The Bottom Of Her Heart

I just stared at her in awe while holding the crepes that i bought earlier. She puts down the cat and the it runs away.

Kurumi : hehe... you are really kind (y/n)....

I snapped back into reality.

(y/n) : u-uh... it's nothing

I scratch my temple.

Kurumi : that power you showed earlier....

(y/n) : oh that... yeah, i dunno what happen but it just comes out

Kurumi : hehehe... it makes me wants to eat you

She joked about that so casually though i know she just half joking, but the intentions is true. I just smile and chuckle a little.

(y/n) : yeah yeah... but eat this first, it'll be a waste if you don't eat it

I hand her the crepes. She just look at the crepes confused.

(y/n) : come on eat up

I said as i bit my crepes. She then proceeds to bit hers. Then suddenly her eyes glimmers with light.

Kurumi : wow... this is delicious

(y/n) : glad you like it

We walk back to the town while eating our crepes. We talk about things. Like how she once tried a claw machine and how i once almost drowned in a river. We have a lot of fun talking to each other.

We're walking in the city now, Kotori has been quiet ever since the forest accident. Maybe she's guiding Shido? I remember him taking a date with Tohka. Wait... does that mean Tohka a spirit too? I didn't realize up until now.

Kurumi : (y/n)...

We stopped in an empty park.

Kurumi : why do you want to date me?

(y/n) : huh? Why all of the sudden and why not from the start?

Kurumi : i hurt you, decieve you, used you like a toy... but why are you still nice to me?

(y/n) : ....ummmm... maybe because you're cute?

Kurumi : ....don't fool around with me!! You know that i want to absorb you! You know that i killed countless people! You know that i'm dangerous! Anyone who know that will run away from me! So why are you still trying to accompany me?!

(y/n) : Kurumi....

My gaze turned into the sky, the sun is hidden behind the cloud. Making a cool shade. I took a deep breath.

(y/n) : i dunno... i know you're dangerous... i know you're trying to take my power... i know that you killed many people.... but, even after i know all that... all i think is... is the way to make you smile

I turned to her with grin on my face.

(y/n) : because you know... I Love You!!!

Her eyes widen as wind blows, the silent fills in the air. I'm a little embarassed but i feel relieved.

Kurumi : . . . You're... lying...

(y/n) : No... it's from the bottom of my heart...

Kurumi : No!! You're lying!!! It just an act!!! You were instructed from the very beginning!!

Instructed? So she notices my ear piece.

(y/n) : That's--

Kurumi : you're a liar just like Shido! Everything you told me is just a big lie!!

She screams and holds her head, this is the first time i see Kurumi like this. It's not like her, she usually cool and very mature but this, it's just like a scared girl. My heart stops when i saw her tears rolling down from her eyes.

Kurumi : why?! why?! I know that you're acting but i can't help to feel something on my chest! Everytime we talk! Everytime you smile! It keeps getting hotter!! I don't understand!

She shivers and tears won't stop rolling from her eyes.

Kurumi : i'm afraid that you hate me! I'm afraid that you will leave me! My heart feels like it stops when i saw you lying on the ground covered in blood! I thought you will absolutely hate me! But then you showed up like nothing happens! And then you hurt me with your lie!!!

Aura starts to form around her.

Kurumi : stay way from me...

Kotori : (y/n)!!! What did you do?!! I was off for a minute and this happen!! Her emotion is very unstable! at this rate--!!!

I throw the communication device to the ground and then i rushed to hug her, she's suprised by my sudden act and tries to resist a little but i hug her tighter.

(y/n) : Kurumi... it's not a lie... I love you... really really much...

Kurumi : No... that's not true...

(y/n) : Kurumi... from the first time i see you... i already fell in love with you....

Kurumi : ....

(y/n) : you gave me the comfort when i need it the most... you gave me warm smile when my heart is frozing in the abyss of loneliness... you gave me the ability to love, the ability to speak my thoughts... you... and not anyone else... it's you!!

I hug her even tighter and she gave in to my hug.

(y/n) : I Love You!!! Kurumi Tokisaki!!!

Her eyes widen and she hugs me back tightly.

Kurumi : *sniff* AAAAAH!!!!

She screams and cries in my chest, i stroke her head. Letting her to release all the chain that are binding her heart.

After a while, she settles down and then she looked at me in the eyes.

(y/n) : Kurumi... do you love me?

Kurumi : OF COURSE!!! *sniff*

(y/n) : hehehe... i'm glad... and happ-


A gunshot can be heard, suddenly my chest feel cold. I looked at Kurumi and my eyes widen as i see blood coming out from her mouth. I looked at my hand which now covered in blood. My mind is shocked and can't process any information. Then we fall to the back, i saw behind Kurumi is a person holding a gun.




Kurumi? : oh my... i'm sorry my dear (y/n), it seems like my clones are causing trouble for you

My mind is confused, two Kurumis? The Kurumi that on my embrace smile faintly and kiss my cheek.

Kurumi : goodbye...

Then she turns into dust which swiped by the wind. Nothing can described how shocked i am, how sad i am, my hand shivers non-stop while tears start to rolls down from my eyes. I looked at my chest which now have a hole in my heart. Then i turned to the other Kurumi who is wearing her gothic dress.

Kurumi : suprised? Heheheh HAHAHAHA!!! You've been fooled twice!!! You really are stupid!!!

Fooled? Twice? Ah... so that what's going on... i've been fooled by her clones. I feel like a fool. I'm blinded by the lies her clones told me... but is it a lie? Is it a mere fantasy? I smiled faintly as my vision becomes blurry i looked at her figure which somehow still clear.

Kurumi : but that clone did a good job, i've never thought that my own clones ends up falling in love with you... is it a part of my feeling...? well you never know because i will absorb you right now

She points out a gun to my head.

Kurumi : this bullet will absorb your power... goodbye my precious (y/n)....

She said while smiling like a psychopath but in her eyes all i can see... is sadness.


Everything then becomes black...
Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 4
F*ck f*ck f*ck!!!!! i'm not proud of this chapter!!! Not proud at all!!! This chapter is crap! Everything is rushed!!! i want to rewrite it but my inner self tells me


Well.... i hope you don't get too harsh on me on the comment. Next chapter is the end

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