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-In ALO-

Kirito and His party are on their way to hunt monster.

Klein : hey guys! Did you know that there's a new dungeon?!

Kirito : yeah, i just about to ask you guys to go there

Asuna : is it the Death Dungeon?

Silica : D-death dungeon?!

Kirito : yes, it's rumoured that there is a powerful weapon that reside there.

Sinon : yes, but i bet it's hard to get.

Suguha : i have seen the quest. The truth is there is only 2 floor in the dungeon

Lisbeth : what only 2?! Then why nobody finished yet?!

Kirito : that is the problem, nobody even finished the first floor

Klein : and thay's why we're going to be first! Let's go there!

Silica : we-we're going?!

Suguha : yeah i think it will be fun!

Sinon : i'm.okay with it

Asuna : okay it's been decided!

Kirito : okay! Let's prepare ourself!

All : yeah!!!

The team preparing for the raid. After a while they have prepared themself. And they headed to the dungeon. It was a cave with bones everywhere.

Sinon : this is... kinda scary

Lisbeth : are you scared Sinon~?

Sinon : n-no i don't!!

Asuna : quit it Liz.

Silica : b-but this is kinda scary

Kirito : okay here we go...

Kirito accept the quest and the cave is now accessible. They enter the cave, the light source there is only torches.

Suguha : it's kinda like a haunted house

Sinon : haha.. yeah no kidding

Klein : well where is the monster?

Kirito : yeah, they haven't shown up

Asuna : Kirito look!

Asuna point at a gigantic door.

Kirito : well maybe this is where the monster spawn, get ready

Everyone readied their weapon and Kirito opened the door. As they enter it there is nothing. Only a large empty space.

Sinon : huh? What is this?

Lisbeth : why there are no monster?

Suguha : hmmm let me check the map

Suguha check the map and saw a large room with a skeleton mark on it.

Suguha : this must be the boss room, but where is the boss?

Suddenly a roar can be heard

Kirito : brace yourself!

Everyone is on battle stance and From the shadows a silhouette appear. As the silhouette come closer it reveal a giant three headed dog or Cerberus

Asuna : so our enemy is Cerberus huh?

Sinon : but wait.... is it's health bar is red?

All : huh?

Sinon is right the Cerberus Health is red.

Kirito : that means.. somebody must be here before us

??? : wait you little doggy!

Suddenly a figure leaped above the Cerberus and Slash it Verticaly with a sword. The Cerberus Health Bar drop to zero becoming a crystal shards. And the figure stand up and clean himself.

??? : yeah! I got the rare drop!

Suguha : what... happend?

The figure is wearing a simple (f/c) armor with attachable hood and having a (h/c) color hair.

Asuna : is that boy defeat the Cerberus Alone?

Klein : but he doesn't seems strong

Kirito : hey!

The figure looks to the party.

??? : oh hey there! Raiding the dungeon too?

The figure smile innocently, making all the girl blush.

Kirito : yeah, i'm Kirito and this is my party Asuna

Asuna : hi

Kirito : Klein

Klein : hey! Dude!

Kirito : Suguha, Lizbeth, Silica

Suguha : hi~

Lizbeth : hey

Silica : n-nice to meet you

Kirito : and this is-

??? : wow!!!

The Figure rushed into Sinon with excited face.

Sinon : *blush* wha-

??? : you must be Sinon! The famous player from GGO!

Sinon : y-you know about me?

??? : yes! I play GGO too. And i just notice! You're Kirito! The two of you are the champion of GGO!

Kirito : hahaha.... so we're famous.

??? : yes!

Sinon : *blush* t-that's nice... but may we know who are you?

Asuna : yeah, you seems like a pro player.

??? : pro? *chukle* i won't say myself a pro. But i'm (Avatar/Name)

Kirito : (a-a/n)?

Asuna : no way! You mean that (a/n)

Lizbeth : what? Is he famous or something?

Sinon : The Monster Slayer (a/n)! I can't believe we meet him!

Suguha : yeah i heard about him, he can slay high leveled dragon boss alone.

(a/n) : *nervous laugh* i don't know i'm that popular

Kirito : nice to meet you

(a/n) : nice to meet you too. Anyway you're headed for the next floor right?

Kirito : yes, we're here for the boss. Do you want to join?

(a/n) : hmm.... okay... i'm bored to do things alone anyway.

(a/n) then joined the group. They go to the second floor where the final boss reside. On the group (a/n) try to talked to the cyan haired girl.

(a/n) : hey.. can i call you Sinon?

Sinon : yeah, it's alright. It's my nickname anyway

(a/n) : *chuckle* that's right. By the way do you still play GGO

Sinon : yes, i still played it. I usually played it when everyone is not online

(a/n) : you know, you're so famous in GGO. The way you shoot just simply amazing!

Sinon : *blush* really?

(a/n) : yeah, i'm amazed to see it. Especially you're a beautiful girl.

Sinon face went red as tomato when she heard this. Especially when (a/n) smile making her blush even more.

Sinon : t-t-thanks.

Kirito : we're here.

they arrived on a giant bone door.

Lisbeth : such scary door.

Kirito : okay... everyone ready?

They all nodded. Then Kirito open the door. As they went in torches with blue flames start igniting. Ans at the end of the boss room there is a giant figure with black robe and scythe sitting.

(a/n) : hahaha... i knew it! our boss must be Grim Reaper The God Of Death

The Reaper stand and the health bar appear. They suprised to see the health bar

Silica : no way... it got 15 bars

(a/n) : geez... this is too OP. GM! why you make this!?

Kirito : well it is the god of death.

The god of death point it scythe to the Party.

Reaper : "You Will Be Dead!"

(a/n) : bring it on you stupid NPC!!!

The group attack the reaper. First Kirito uses his special skill to use dual weilding and attack the Reaper. The Reaper block some of his attack but some hit him making his health bar drop a little. Then Asuna and Klein attack the Reaper, but suddenly the reaper uses a skill to slash the both with it's scythe. The two flinch back to avoid more hit. The reaper is glowing dark aura

Suguha : look out! He about to do something

Then suddenly a wave of energy arrows shoots the reaper. Making it fail to do the skill. The reaper look to the source and see Sinon holding a bow. The reaper groan, while it was unaware suddenly (a/n) come with a barrage of slash attack from his glowing (f/c) sword. The reaper didn't manage to block it resulting it's health bar drop by 2 bar.

Klein : wow.... his attack is so effective.

Suguha : that's Monster Slayer for you!

Sinon look at the smiling (h/c) haited boy and amazed by his perfomance.

Asuna : watch out, he still got 13 bars left

Kirito go to (a/n) side.

Kirito : mind for a co-op combo?

(a/n) : don't mind if i do.

The two charge at the Reaper. Slash By Slash, Attack by Attack. The two speed is faster than light, making the reaper not able to block their attack, but it got a chance to slash (a/n) but when it slash him, it gets hit by a wave of energy arrow.  The reaper groans as he looks at Sinon, knowing that she is the one who shoot it.

(a/n) : 'thanks Sinon'

The two continue the combo.

Asuna : wow... we didn't even need to help, they're so amazing

Suguha : i agree.

After the combo is done the reaper health is down to 1 bar

Lisbeth : heh.. it doesn't seem to be strong, because only two people can make him like that

(a/n) : *pant* you are good Kirito *pant*

Kirito : *pant* i can say the same *pant*

(a/n) : let's give all we got

Kirito : yeah!

(a/n)/Kirito : LET'S GOOO!!!!

The two charge at the reaper and thurst it with their sword. The reaper block it and they clash their weapon

(a/n)/Kirito : AAAAAAHHHH!!!

The clash break resulting the two win and slash the reaper. The two pull off a epic sheathing weapon motion while the reaper turn into crystal behind them.

Everyone is amazed by the perfomance especially Sinon who is blushing while looking (y/n) smile and gives a thumb up to her.

Kirito : it's over huh?

(a/n) : wait... something weird... i didn't get any drop nor exp.

Kirito : what?

Asuna : what happen?

(a/n) : everyone! Look out!!!

The Reaper shards became one again and glowing dark aura

Silica : what? It became one again?

The reaper health bar recover to maximal health and add 5 more bar.

Sinon : no way... now it has 20 bars

Kirito fall from tiredness debuff.

Kirito : ugh... why now?

The Reaper attack Asuna and Klein, it swing it's scythe to them. Fortunately they block it but they still blasted back to the wall making their health bar go red. Then the reaper use a skill to paralayze Suguha, Lizbeth and Silica

Suguha : w-what? I can't move

The reaper is about to slash Suguha but it intrupted by another energy arrow that come from Sinon.

Sinon : don't touch her!

The reaper groan and point Sinon with his index finger. Making  her paralayzed too.

Sinon : argh! I can't move!

The reaper index finger is glowing and seems about to shoot something

Kirito : Sinon! Look Out!

The reaper shoot a black beam out of his finger. Sinon close her eyes bracing herself. Then suddenly a figure block the beam.

(a/n) : are you okay?

Sinon : (a-a/n)?

The (h/c) haired boy health bar is dropped to the red zone

Sinon : are you okay?

(a/n) : yeah... thanks to my high stat

The reaper groans and let out a dark aura also it's health bar added to 25

Kirito : wha? It's health bar are getting many!

(a/n) stand up and face the reaper

Sinon : (a/n)?

The (h/c) haired boy turn to Sinon and smilling

(a/n) : don't worry, this boss is nothing than a pest to me. So i'll end this quick

the (h/c) haired boy walk and face the reaper with his (e/c) color eye.

Kirito : hey, what are you doing?

(a/n) : i'm going to make this thing same as his name. "Dead"

The reaper readied it's scythe and rushed to the (h/c) haired boy.

(a/n) : time to get serious....

The boy take a deep breath

(a/n) : "Sword.... Dance"

The reaper slash the boy but he just move a little to dodge it's slash. Then the boy pulled his sword that is glowing (f/c). And slash the reaper with incredible speed and his slashes leaves trace with (f/c) color

Asuna : wow... so this is the power of Monster Slayer

The boy then stabbed the reaper making the slashes traces attack the reaper in all direction. The boy pulled his sword back and flick it then turned back while doing another epic sheathing motion. The reaper turned into shard and make the wind blows hard.

Sinon see the epic pose the boy do while he smile. She then amazed by what can the boy do.


Kirito : we.... won...

Klein : yeah!!!!

All : woo hoo!!!

Suguha : and it's all thanks to (a/n)

(a/n) : hahaha it's no big deal.

Kirito : that's really amazing! You are like a person i know.

(a/n) : *chuckle* is that so?

Kirito : But i don't think she can do massive damage like that, even though she is the best sword player in ALO

(a/n) : . . . . Ah you mean Zekken? Or Yuuki Konno

Asuna : you know her?!

(a/n) : ah yes... we fought once.

Suguha : what?! So do you win?!

(a/n) : *nervous laugh* i lost with horrible way

Lisbeth : what no way! Not with your skill!

(a/n) : *smile* i never hurt a woman, not even in VR. . . . . Anyway... i hope she rest in peace.

Everyone fell silent

(a/n) : ah! Don't be so gloomy! We got the drop!

Kirito : yeah! Let's celebrate this!

All : yeah!

Sinon : you should join too (a/n)

(a/n) : *smile* sure why not?

The team get out of the dungeon and prepare to celebrate it virtualy. They celebrste it with a somekind of picnic.

Asuna : oh yeah.. Kirito.. where is Yui?

Kirito : oh she is in here

Kirito point his pocket and Yui get out of the pocket.

Yui : hello Papa, Mama.

(a/n) : woah! A Pixie!

Kirito : Yui... this is (a/n), (a/n) this is Yui.

Yui : nice to meet you mister!

(a/n) : ah yes, nice to meet you too. Oh yeah... she call you Papa and Asuna Mama.... does that mean...

Suguha : *giggle* yup they're dating

(a/n) : heeeeh....

Asuna : *blush* *chucke* how about you (a/n)? Have you got a girl?

Sinon hear this and somehow feel curious, she then listen carefully to what he gonna say...

(a/n) : *sigh* haven't got one.

Sinon : '*sigh in relief* wait... why am i reliefed?'

Kirito : anyway goodjob on the raid!

(a/n) : you too. You're cool with that sword

Kirito : not cool as you

(a/n) : and Sinon! You're pretty cool with that bow!

Sinon : *blush* r-really?

(a/n) : yeah! When you distract the reaper and say "Don't Touch Her"! You're like a hero!

Sinon blush even redder when he say this

Sinon : stop it! It's embrassing!

(a/n) : *chuckle*

Everyone continue chatting and having fun espcially (a/n) and Sinon who is seem to have more fun than the other. They just see this and smile. even though (a/n) tease the cyan haired girl a lot but they seem to be happy

Asuna : they're so cute

Kirito : we shouldn't bother them. Look they look happy.

They have fun until the party is done. And promise to see each other again Tommorow

-The Next Day-

After school, Sinon go home and on her way she stopped on a store.

Sinon : 'i need something to eat at home'

While she browse the store she accidently bump into a boy

Sinon : ah... sorry i don't see you there

Boy : *smile* don't worry about it

The black haired girl continue to browse the store but suddenly a man entered the store

Vendor : welcom-

The man point a gun into the vendor head.

Man : don't move this is a robbery!

The man shoot his gun into the celling making everyone panic.

Sinon : what?! What happend?

Man : eveyone get down!

Two more man entered the store and point gun at everyone who don't obey. Everyone including Sinon get down to avoid trouble.

Sinon : 'no... no, why this is happening?'

While one of the robbers get the money and the other keeping the hostage to not do anything stupid. The police came

Police : attention to robbers! Surrender peacefuly and let the hostages go!

Robber1 : damn! Grab a hostage and let's go!

One of the robber grab Sinon and point her head with a gun. Sinon have terrorized face because remebering the trauma she got when she was little.

Sinon : let me go!

Robber2 : shut up little girl! Or i'm gonna blow your head into pieces!!

Suddenly a man stand up, All of the hostage and robber see him and have suprised face. Sinon see the boy and it was the same boy who she bump earlier. He walked to the robbers with a familiar smile to Sinon

Robber1 : hey kid! What's the big idea!?

Boy : the nice lady ask you to let her go, and you should let her go

Robber2 : huh?!! *point gun to the boy* dob't you know what we are?!

Boy : i don't know and i don't care. But you're going against my rule

Robber2 : oh yeah? I like to hear it before you die

Boy : *smile* "Never Hurt A Woman Not Even In VR"

Sinon eyes widen as she hear the familiar sentence.

Robber2 : goodbye then

Before the robber can shoot the boy grab the man hand and swipe his legs making him fall, the boy then jab his face with powerful force that is enough to make the robber unconscious.

Robber1 : damn you!!

The two robber try to shoot him but he throw a soda can to one of the robbers hand making his gun fell. The boy run to him and leaped then kicked him on the face. Unfortunately one of the robbers was right in front of him aiming his gun after the boy knock down the robber

Robber3 : goodbye!


The boy was shooted in the chest, he fell down and red liquid come from his body. Everyone became panic especially Sinon who is paralayzed as she remember the trauma she once has.

Sinon : 'no... no....'

The robner walked to the boy corpse.

Robber : hehe... that's what you ge-

The robber's leg was swipe by a swing from the red liquid covered boy.

Robber : how'd you!?

The robber notice a shooted ketchup bottle beside the boy.

Robber : i can't be!

The boy pulled out a frying pan from his shirt and hit the robber with it making him knocked out.

Boy : well... that's suprisingly worked exactly as planned

The people cheer for the boy

People : you're awesome!!!

Boy : hehe... thanks... huh?

The boy notice a black haired girl still shivering with terrorized face. The boy. Walked to the girl and try to comfort her

Boy : hey...

The girl look at him who is covered in red liquid, she become even more scared as she remembered the trauma

Sinon : NO!!!! Don't Come Near Me!!!

Boy : ah...

The boy look at himself and chuckle a little then he wipe himself

Boy : hey...

Sinon : No! Don't!

The boy patted the girl head, she suprised a little and see the boy. The boy has a smile that is familiar to her

Boy : it's alright... you don't need to be afraid. It's all over

Sinon became calm and blush when she see the boy smile, he like a knight in shining armor, but only without the armor.

Boy : can you stand?

Sinon : yes... *stand up* thank

Boy : my name is (y/n), (y/n) (l/n)

Sinon : thank you (y/n), my name js Asada Shino

(y/n) : you look sick... are you okay?

Sinon : umm.. uh.... i just a little shocked

(y/n) : okay... first let's get out of here

Sinon : okay...

-Few Moments Later-

News : "A Group Of Robbers Stopped By A Brave Young Man"

A boy bringing two drinks is walking to a siting girl.

(y/n) : sorry to make you waiting Shino. Here's your drink

The boy handed her the drink

Sinon : (y/n)....

(y/n) : hmm?

Sinon : thanks for saving me.

(y/n) : don't mention it... i just can't let a girl get hurt

The bot sit beside the girl

(y/n) : and you're a beautiful girl! And that's makes me more want to protect you

The girl face become red as tomato as she hear this and her heart pounding fast

Sinon : t-thank you

(y/n) : *smile* you're cute when blushing

Sinon face become even redder.

Sinon : don't tease me...

(y/n) : hahaha, sorry it's my habit *smile*

Sinon look at the boy and her eyes widen because she like seeing (a/n).

(y/n) : what's wrong? *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

Sinon : that habit... that smile....(a/n)?

(y/n) : *pffffffttt!!!!*

Sinon : gaaah!!! (y/n), are you okay?

(y/n) : *cough* how- *cough* did *cough* you know that?

Sinon : what?

(y/n) : i never tell it to anyone...

Sinon : oh so you're really (a/n)!

(y/n) : wait... that face, that sound.... Sinon?

Sinon nod while smiling

(y/n) : *chuckle* i don't taught you will be the first one who know my identity...

Sinon : i don't taught you know me that fast either

(y/n) : *chuckle* is that so?

Sinon : by the way....

(y/n) : hm?

Sinon : thanks for saving me.

(y/n) : come on... that again? Don't worry about it. I'm just doing what most people would do *smile*

Sinon : but most people won't able to defeat 3 armed thugs

(y/n) : hahaha... i trained a lot

Sinon : no wonder you got that amazing skill when in ALO

(y/n) : *chuckle* yeah....

The moment fell silent and suddenly Sinon stomach rumbling, she blush and feel some kind of embarrassed.

(y/n) : *chuckle* looks like someone is hungry

Sinon : *blush* s-shut up!

(y/n) : well i know a nice restaurant that is not far from here, you want to go there? My treat

Sinon : u-uh i can't take advantages from your kindness

(y/n) : come on, i insist.

Sinon : okay then...

The two walked into a small but nice restaurant. "Sit And Relax" is the name of the restaurant. The two sit and a waiter come in to take the two order. Once they ordered the food, the waiter go to bring their food.

Sinon : what a nice restaurant

(y/n) : *chuckle* yeah, the food here is delicious and it's cheap.

Sinon : thanks again (y/n), how can i ever repay you?

(y/n) : you don't need to!

Sinon : no no no, i feel somewhat have to repay you

(y/n) : um.. if you really want to repay me... let'ss go for a walk in town on Sunday *smile*

Sinon : *blush* you mean like a date? 'what am i saying!?'

(y/n) : *blush* wha-!? No no no! It will be like uh... a normal walk

Sinon : *nod* okay that seems nice

(y/n) : 'damn... i almost got a heartattack, a date? well she's my type but i don't think she want to date me'

The waiter arrived with their food

Waiter : thanks for waiting. Here's your food.

The waiter give their food and they proceed to eat it.

Sinon : woah! This is delicious!

(y/n) : *chuckle* right?


They done eating and (y/n) pay the bill.

(y/n) : should we go? Kirito and the other must be waiting for us

Sinon : *nod* you're right.

(y/n) : i'll walk you to your home

Sinon : you don't need to!

(y/n) : *smile* i insist!

Sinon : *blush* o-okay...

The two walk to Sinon apartement and talk about many things and they seems to be happy with each other.

Sinon : well this is my apartement

(y/n) : okay then see you on ALO

The boy go home. And on his way home he sigh in relief

(y/n) : 'fiuh.... i thought my heart was going to fall down there, why my heart is pounding fast around her?... *shrug* i don't knkw... but it's feel kinda nice'

Sinon on the other side, can't stop thinking about (y/n), his smile, laugh, she feel... comfortable around him.

Sinon : 'wait, why am i thinking about him?, is this what they call falling in love?. Hmm.... i think it's a nice feeling'

The two go home and getting ready to go online

-Link Start-

The two joined the party

Lisbeth : where have you two been?!

(a/n) : ahahah... something happend

Kirito : anyway, an event just started

Sinon : an event?

Asuna : yeah, a co-op tournament

(a/n) : woah!!! Sounds fun!!

Suguha : but you need a team.

(a/n) : is that so?, so who haven't got team?

Klein : me with Lisbeth, Silica with Suguha. Asuna with Kirito. That means only you two that havent got a patner

(a/n) : well Sinon will you be my patner?

Sinon : *nod* okau

Kirito : alright! Let's go!

The group join the tournament, and they are the last one who able to register 32 patner fight.

-Time Skip (I don't want to describe the fight one by one)-

Final : Kirito & Asuna V.S. (a/n) & Sinon

Commentator : this is it!!! The final!!! The fight that everyone wait! On one side there is The Black Swordsman!!! Kirito! And The Lightning Speed Asuna!!

Watcher : woooaaaah!!!!

Commentator : and fighting the famous!! Monster Slayer (a/n)!!! And his patner Sinon!!!

Watcher : woooo!!! Go get them you two!!!

Kirito : i've been waiting for this

(a/n) : *chuckle* me too, you know... My and Sinon cooperation can even defeat the most powerful monster in ALO

Kirito : me and Asuna Too! Let's fight fair and square!

(a/n) : couldn't agree more!


They readied their weapon


(a/n) : Equip....


"Death Sword"


The (h/c) haired boy now wrapped by a darkness aura that makes everyone suprised even Sinon. When the aura is gone the boy now wearing a black sword with skeleton as the hilt.

Kirito : what?

Sinon : *smile* so that what he got when defeating the reaper

(a/n) : come on! Kirito! Asuna!

The boy charge at the two while Sinon is supporting from the back. The two charge at him and their swords clash. Slash by slash, the three fight in fast pace. Kirito and Asuna never land a hit on (a/n) even though he is outnumbered. Well not so outnumbered becuase Sinon is always support him whenever he's goimg to get hit. The three backed away

Kirito : He's strong...*pant*

Asuna : yeah... *pant* plus Sinon is a good support, they're like invicible

-Other Side-

(a/n) : Sinon... *smile* let's use that strategy

Sinon : *nod while smiling* yeah!

The four ready their weapon. Then (a/n) charge at the two making their sword clash again. The two attacked (a/n) but he blocked it even doing some flips on the process. But Kirito see a gap at his defense and that is his legs. He attacked his legs making him fall

(a/n) : agh!

Asuna : yes!

Then Kirito notice something wrong and that is Sinon, she doesn't protect him from harm, and he looked at the supposed to be Sinon standing place, but she is gone. Kirito is suprised then looked back and the girl with bow is aiming at Asuna.

Kirito : Asuna! Look out!

Asuna : huh?

Sinon : too late!

The cyan haired girl shoot Asuna. Kirito is about to block the attack but he got slashed in the chest. He see a (h/c) haired boy who is crouching and holding a sword.

(a/n) : Plan is working!

Asuna got shooted in the chest and then their health drop to red bar. Resulting the fight is winned by (a/n) and Sinon.

Commentator : and the winner is.... (a/n) the Monster Slayer and Sinon!!!

Watcher : yeah!!!!

(a/n) : *chuckle* nice work

Sinon : you too.

The two high five.

Kirito : hehehe.... i don't think that you're gonna be the distraction

Asuna : congrats you two.

(a/n) : yeah! Thanks!

Commentator : congrats! The winner will get a rare item or they can exchange it to a ticket to amusement park! So what do you choose?

Sinon : '*blush* what? Amusement Park ticket?! But if i choose it maybe i can spend more time with him'

(a/n) : Amusement Park eh... what do you choose Sinon?

Sinon : *blush* it's up to you... if you want the rare item it's fine

(a/n) : alright let's say it together to decide

Sinon : okay...

(a/n) : 1...2...3!!!

Sinon/(a/n) : Amusement Park!!!

The two blush because they have the same way of thinking

(a/n) : *smiling while blushing* it is decided then!

Sinon : *smiling while blushing* yes!, we are going to have a dat-... i mean a walk anyway!

Commentator : they choose amusement park!!!

Watcher : wooo!!!!

Kirito : *smirk* good luck you love birds

(a/n)/Sinon : wha-! it's not like that!

Asuna : ah~ i hope you two have fun

(a/n)/Sinon : shut up!!! It's not like that!!

Asuna : sure it is~

The two just blush and looked away. But in their mind they are absolutely happy

(a/n)/Sinon : 'i finnaly got chance to spend time with her/him'

-Time Skip To Amusement Park-

The (h/c) haired boy wait for Sinon in front of the amusement park.

Sinon : (y/n)!

The black haired girl showed up with a black dress

(y/n) : hey Shino!

Sinon : sorry to keep you waiting

(y/n) : ah, don't worry i just get here

Sinon : um... how do i look? Did it fit me?

(y/n) : *blush* um... you look.. beautiful

Sinon : *blush* thank goodness, i thought my dress is too much

(y/n) : okay then... shall we?

Sinon : *nod* yes

The two go into the amusement park gate and a raven haired boy standing on the enterance door

Staff : may i see your ticket?

The two show their ticket in their phone

Staff : oh you're the winner of the co-op tournament

(y/n) : yes, we are

Staff : please come in

The raven haired boy let the two enter

(y/n) : thanks

Staff : *evil grin* have fun you f***ing love birds!

Sinon : what?

Staff : have fun you two!

(y/n) : uh...okay... thanks

The two enter the amusement park and one thing is on their mind

"We Are Going To Have Fun!"

-Time Skip Brought To You By Raven Haired Boy Eating Cheesecake-

The two are trying many of the attractions, first they try roller coaster Sinon scream and hug (y/n) on the ride but (y/n) fell unconscious becuase can't take the dizziness

Then they try haunted house, Sinon is scared but (y/n) comfort her, Sinon blush while holding (y/n) hand, suddenly ghost appear Sinon scream and hug (y/n) tightly making him blush and laugh

After that they try marry go round, but (y/n) is fell unconscious once mor, Sinon just laugh at him

-They Are Having A Good Time-

-Time Skip Brought To You By Raveb Haired Boy-

The day has become dawn, now the two trying the last few attractions.

(y/n) : hey Shino! How about we play that?

Sinon : hmm?

The boy point at a shooting stand, and there is a lot of gun there. Sinon who is remembering the trauma she had now shivering

Sinon : . . . . Please... not that

(y/n) : hmm why?

Sinon : Please! Anythinf But That...

The girl look at (y/n) with weak smile and seems about to cry

Sinon : please...

(y/n) : okay then. . . . How about the Ferris Wheel?

Sinon : *nod* alright

The two ride the Ferris Wheel and the situation is fell silent

(y/n) : hey Shino... why you don't want to do that shooting stand? But if you don't want to talk about it that fine

Sinon : 'oh no... if i tell him the truth, he is going to hate me, but.... i have to tell him.... even if that hurt' . . . . (y/n)...actually

"I'm A Murderer"

(y/n) : huh?

Sinon : few years ago when i was little, me and my mom was going to get robbed. To portect my mom i took the robber gun.... and i.... shoot him

(y/n) : . . . .

Sinon : from that day, everyone call me a murderer and i have a trauma attack whenever seeing a gun or even holding one, but only in VR i didn't feel trauma...

(y/n) : Shino...

The black haired girl now is crying

Sinon : i was afraid you will hate me when i tell you, actually i but you will don't want to date a murderer!

(y/n) : Shino...

Sinon : i' afraid....afraid that i wil lose you....*sob* the one who make me feel comfortable....*sob*....i...

Suddenly a hand patted the black haired girl head, the girl look at the boy and see him smiling innocently

(y/n) : Shino.... i love you too.

The boy then hug the girl, the girl is suprised but then hug back

(y/n) : no matter what you did in the past, no mstter what will happen in the future. I'll be here for you, so don't be afraid ok? *smile*

Shino : *sob* thank you...thank you... thank you (y/n)...

The boy cupped the girl forehead, making Sinon blush and burry her face into the boy chest

(y/n) : no problem, this Monster Slayer will always be in your side.

Sinon : *weak giggle* that's so uncool.

(y/n) : *chuckle* is that so?

Sinon : i love you (y/n)... my Monster Slayer

(y/n) : *burry his face on the girl hair* i love you too Shino...


After a while they're dating, Sinon is trying to fight her trauma, with the help of (y/n) and her friends she able to minimize the phobia she had. They received many tease from their friends, but it makes them happy, especially when spending time alone together.


The Monster Slayer is on the edge of aincard. And then Sinon fly to his side

Sinon : what are you doing here?

(y/n) : looking at the view

Sinon : heeh....

The cyan haired girl sit beside the boy and rested her head on his shoulder

Sinon : it's beautiful...

(y/n) : it's nothing if compared to you.

Sinon : oh you...

The boy rested his head on Sinon head

(y/n) : i love you Shino..

Sinon : i love you too (y/n)..

They look at each other and slowly kissing. The kiss last a few second

(y/n) : *chuckle* you're good kisser, i wonder what it will feel in Real Life

Sinon : *puff her cheeks* stop teasing me, anyway everyone is waiting for us, let's go Monster Slayer!

(y/n) : *chuckle* then let's us go!

-The End-

~Brought to you by a raven haired amusement park staff is cursing the couple who entered the park

Thanks For Reading, I Know This Is Bad. But at least i tried.

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